Work with Deanna

Deanna Bryant, Midlife Marriage Strategist

Work with Deanna

You and your spouse have raised beautiful kids though ever-changing seasons of challenge and joy.

And suddenly …the kids are older and there is more time for you and your spouse again.

Before kids, there were evocative conversations, free time to do pleasurable things, and enchanting romance. You shared exciting hopes and dreams for your future.

Now it feels like you’re just roommates. The romance is stale, and the communication is superficial.

You want a deeper intimacy with your spouse. You want meaningful communication, increased romance, and plans that include stimulating activities and adventures.

That’s where I come in.

I have a gift for helping couples who want to cultivate a marriage that fills the longing of their hearts. It’s time to shift the tide by intentionally taking simple steps.  I’ve been where you are, and I understand the challenges. I also know it is possible to turn things around.

I founded Revive Your Midlife Marriage to help couples cultivate new meaning and a deeper intimacy with their spouse now the kids are more independent.

Here’s how we will do it:

Cultivate Deeper Intimacy
Update Your Communication Approach
Update Your Communication Approach
Create Meaningful Shared Experiences
Create Meaningful

I am ready to help you cultivate meaning and intimacy with your husband.

First, please share a bit about you in the quick questionnaire below.