Strategy Session

Deanna Bryant, Midlife Marriage Strategist

90 Minutes to
Clarity and Smart Action

with Deanna Bryant,
Relationship Coach and Midlife Marriage Strategist

These strategy sessions are perfect for bite-sized brainstorms or removing obstacles in the way of your decisive action. While the session focus is up to you, we can discuss things such as:

You don't have to figure this all out by yourself.
Imagine ... no more feeling disconnected and dissatisfied.
When you invest in your marriage, you surge forward.
You’ll get:

Most of my Strategy Session clients go on to enroll in my 6-month Marriage Breakthrough program where they get my PRIVATE step-by-step support to create the kind of marriage we all want to experience.

I can’t wait to meet you and see you take leaps in your marriage!


Deanna Bryant
Midlife Marriage Strategist
Revive Your Midlife Marriage

About Deanna Bryant, Relationship Coach and Midlife Marriage Strategist:

Deanna’s clients say that she has offers compassion and empathy for struggling couples and for helping them find ways to experience the healthiest marriage possible. After all, your marriage is the most critical relationship you have and affects every area of your life.

How did she become a relationship coach for midlife couples? Through her own marital struggles in midlife and having to learn and implement new skills for a thriving marriage.  

From this experience, Deanna left her 25-year teaching career and went back to school to become a relationship coach for couples. Having been a teacher and mentor, she decided to use those skills coupled with quality coaching to launch Revive Your Midlife Marriage.

Outside of coaching, Deanna hosts Revive Your Midlife Marriage Podcast to share her expertise to other struggling couples.  She knows that just because you’ve been married a long time, it doesn’t mean the relationship is healthy or satisfying. Marriage requires constant maintenance.

Her favorite way to help couples is one on one, holding their hand to build their own little house of joy piece by piece. Marriage is often trial and error because we aren’t taught how to sustain a long-term marriage. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Deanna lives in East Tennessee with her husband, Frank. They have two adult children, 1 teenager and a pair of feisty corgis that keep them on their toes. When she’s not podcasting or working with clients, she’s trail riding her horse, hiking, camping, boating, reading, and listening to live music.

Deanna Bryant, Midlife Marriage Strategist