Revive Your Midlife Marriage Podcast

Welcome to the Revive Your Midlife Marriage Podcast

This podcast is for women in midlife that want to revive a floundering marriage.

Often, when the kids leave, a new phase of marriage begins. Unfortunately, many couples struggle to nurture this new phase because either they don’t know what to do, or they have become apathetic about their marriage and resign themselves to accept things as is, even when what is, is less than satisfying.

In this podcast, I will be covering many topics related to the midlife marriage relationship, helping you look at what isn’t working and giving you solid tips on how to revamp your marriage and make it thrive.

Whatever you are struggling with in your marriage, you are not alone. Join me as I help you REVIVE YOUR MIDLIFE MARRIAGE.

Latest Episodes

Dealing With Your Spouse’s Anger Toward You| Episode 49

Anger is one of those emotions we don't really like to feel, much less be the recipient of. But, anger is inevitable. How do you respond when your spouse expresses anger toward you? Often we get defensive and can't take the complaint without fighting back. However, there are better ways to be on the receiving end of anger that will lead to a better outcome. In this episode I'll give you 4 simple steps.

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Dealing With Differing Emotional Sensitivities in Marriage| Episode 48

Our level of emotional sensitivity is based both on nature and nurture. Some people have high sensitivity and others low. And you can be anywhere on the scale in between. In addition what one spouse feels sensitive about the other may not. How we deal with these differing sensitivities is about management, and this episode will cover that.

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How to Let Go of the Bitterness in Your Marriage| Episode 47

Do you and your husband harbor bitterness in your marriage after the many years you have shared together. Bitterness can accumulate and before long the relationship suffers mightily. In this episode, I'll share my own experience, the effects of harboring bitterness in your marriage, the value of forgiveness, and the way to let go of the bitterness as well as prevent it in the future.

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Interview with Sondra Harmon-The Power of Ouch Part 1| Episode 45

We are quick to say "ouch" to our physical pain, but not always our emotional pain. Sondra Harmon, author of The Power of Ouch will share with us the ways we avoid dealing with emotional pain, thus avoiding it and storing it as tension in our bodies. She will also share how to allow the pain to lead you to self-discovery by looking at what is behind it and letting it go.

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Interview with Lee Jagger: Rocking the Bedroom-Part 2| Episode 44

This is the second part of my interview with Lee Jagger of Rock the Bedroom, an erotic massage coach and sex and intimacy expert. As a middle-aged woman she has the first-hand experience with what women go through in the bedroom and why they often no longer want to have sex. Listen in for great insight. I think you'll relate.

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How Not Sharing Your Struggles With Your Husband Can Cause Disconnect| Episode 42

Do you ever go through difficult seasons and keep it to yourself for fear of seeming weak, crazy, or needy. I know I have. When we retreat into ourselves, we shut out any connection we have with our spouses. This week is all about ridding the thoughts that block us from opening up and ways to get the connection back by being open and honest. I'll show you how.

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Why Saying Sorry is Not Enough| Episode 41

I'm sorry is just the beginning of a repair attempt in your marriage. A good repair attempt is the next step. There are 5 steps to making a repair attempt to a situation that has caused a problem in the marriage. Learning and practicing them in your marriage will do more for reconciliation than a simple "I'm sorry."

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