Revive Your Midlife Marriage Podcast

Welcome to the Revive Your Midlife Marriage Podcast

This podcast is for couples in midlife that want to revive a floundering marriage.

Often, when the kids leave, a new phase of marriage begins. Unfortunately, many couples struggle to nurture this new phase because either they don’t know what to do, or they have become apathetic about their marriage and resign themselves to accept things as is, even when what is, is less than satisfying.

In this podcast, I will be covering many topics related to the midlife marriage relationship, helping you look at what isn’t working and giving you solid tips on how to revamp your marriage and make it thrive.

Whatever you are struggling with in your marriage, you are not alone. Join me as I help you REVIVE YOUR MIDLIFE MARRIAGE.

Latest Episodes

Stress and Marriage| Episode 89

Stress can come from both outside and inside a marriage and if not managed efficiently, can have a negative impact on the relationship. In this episode I'll talk about how stress affects marriage and 6 ways to manage it.

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Sexual Intimacy Interview with Andrea Balboni| Episode 88

I'm so excited to share my interview with Andrea Balboni, Sex, Love, and Relationships Coach. Topics will include exceptional love, sexual chemistry ,tapping into your own sensuality, sacred sex, and tips to develop sexual intimacy by creating space and valuing pleasure.

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Managing Discouragement as You Work on Your Marriage| Ep. 87

Working on your marriage can feel daunting. Two steps forward, 1 step back. Often we focus on the one step back instead of the one step forward. Discouragement comes anytime you have to step outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to reach a new level. There will be successes, failures, and setbacks. It's hard! But, there are ways to manage this discouragement to keep you moving forward toward your marriage goals. I'll be...

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Is Fear of Intimacy Holding You Back?| Episode 86

Intimacy is the ability to genuinely share your true self with another person and relate to the experience of closeness and connection. Fear of Intimacy is often a subconscious fear of closeness. This fear of intimacy appears in people's closest and most meaningful relationships. I'll show you what fear of intimacy is, where it comes from, and how to begin to overcome it. You might be surprised to learn some of your behaviors might be the...

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Is Defensiveness a Roadblock to Your Relationship?| Episode 85

Defensiveness is a self-protective measure and it is a natural response when we feel threatened. The problem with defensiveness is when it keeps couples from finding solutions to their problems. One defensive response, followed by another defensive rebuttal and the issue is swallowed up. There are ways to be less defensive and ways to say things to prevent or at least limit defensiveness. Find out what those things are.

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6 Steps to Meaningful Time Together| Episode 84

Remember all the meaningful times you had at the beginning of your relationship? Each one deepened your love and built intimacy. Didn't you both look for ways to be together and do things? Anything? Those moments don't have to be a thing of the past. Meaningful time with your spouse is a conscious effort to connect. I'll give you ways to get back to or improve meaningful time together.

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When Your Kids Take Precedence Over Your Marriage| Episode 83

You might be thinking nothing comes before my children! Hey, I get it. Let's face it, most of us would give up an arm if our kids needed it, right? But there is danger in making your children more important than your marriage. And if you, like my husband and I, spent your time putting your kids before your marriage for most of their lives, the habit might be even harder to break as they...

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3 Fears that Thwart Intimacy| Episode 82

You'd be surprised how much of our behavior is fear based. And behind that fear is the fear of vulnerability. In this episode I'm going to be talking about 3 fears that thwart intimacy. The fear of sharing our true selves by being truly authentic, the fear of conflict, and the fear of talking about sex. I'll talk about the fear behind these and give you 5 ways to face the fear and overcome it...

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Gray Area Drinking with Kari Schwear| Episode 81

Have you ever questioned your relationship with alcohol? Have you ever questioned your spouse's? Usually, if there is a hum of a question in your mind, chances are there might be an issue. There are 3 levels of alcohol abuse. Gray area drinking falls into the mild to medium level. In this episode, I'll be talking with Kari Schwear, a former gray area drinker that chose to stop drinking to prevent her alcohol abuse from...

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