Revive Your Midlife Marriage Podcast

Welcome to the Revive Your Midlife Marriage Podcast

This podcast is for couples in midlife that want to revive a floundering marriage.

Often, when the kids leave, a new phase of marriage begins. Unfortunately, many couples struggle to nurture this new phase because either they don’t know what to do, or they have become apathetic about their marriage and resign themselves to accept things as is, even when what is, is less than satisfying.

In this podcast, I will be covering many topics related to the midlife marriage relationship, helping you look at what isn’t working and giving you solid tips on how to revamp your marriage and make it thrive.

Whatever you are struggling with in your marriage, you are not alone. Join me as I help you REVIVE YOUR MIDLIFE MARRIAGE.

Latest Episodes

Turning a Midlife Crisis into A Midlife Triumph| Episode 75

While we go through developmental crises throughout our lives, the midlife crisis is a pivotal time because it is the time we are more aware of our mortality. We begin to question our past, present, and future. And what an opportunity it provides us. We have the ability with the right knowledge and skills to turn a midlife crisis into a triumph.

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Accepting the Influence of Your Spouse| Episode 74

Are you and your spouse accepting each other's influence in your marriage? You might be wondering what that even means. In this episode, I'll be explaining the importance of accepting the influence of your spouse, what it looks like in the marriage, and how you can be more open to the influence of your spouse.

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Assessing Your Marriage Performance|Episode 73

You might have set your new year's resolutions, you might have gotten the new year's goals established for your job, but have you set any resolutions for your marriage? If you haven't, you should. I'll give you 11 questions to answer to prepare you for making your new year's marriage resolutions.

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How to Deal With Difficult Family Members| Episode 72

Those problematic relatives! Some of these relatives can steal your peace at every family event. It also affects the marriage. In this episode, I'll give 2 ways to support your spouse and 2 action steps to take in dealing with difficult family members.

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Debunking Common Marriage Myths: Myth 5- Marriage is a 50/50 Partnership| Episode 68

On the surface 50/50 seems normal. You bring your half and I bring mine and together we make the whole. But, that isn't enough. What you bring to your marriage is the total investment of yourself-body, soul, and spirit. It is 100% or it is not enough. This episode will cover why 100% is optimal and how there will be times of fluctuation in what a spouse may be able to give due to circumstances...

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Debunking Common Marriage Myths: Myth 4-Going to Bed Angry Is Bad For Your Marriage|Episode 67

Did anyone give you this marriage advice? "Never go to bed angry." It isn't realistic or wise, but I took it to heart. I would push an issue well into the night causing more frustration and anger to no avail. We still went to bed angry. Dealing with conflict takes time and isn't always resolved in one sitting. In this episode, I'll tell you 2 reasons why going to bed angry and tabling an issue...

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