Meet Deanna

Deanna Bryant, Midlife Marriage Strategist

Meet Deanna Bryant

It’s a beautiful thing when your kids grow up and embark on their journey.

At the same time, it can pose challenges to your marriage.

Before kids, you stood face to face. Raising kids, you stood shoulder to shoulder.

Now they are gone, and it’s just the two of you with an opportunity to change your focus once again. 

But often, there is a glaring disconnect that has happened through time.

As a parent of grown children in a long-term marriage, I’ve faced this stage in my own life with a longing for something different: something more.

Through intentional effort, I worked on myself and my relationship. I’ve reaped the rewards of such efforts.

You can’t do it on your own.

And that realization is where my passion for helping women experience transformation emerged.  Having been a teacher for 25 years, I love sharing information and assisting students with skill development. To help married women like me, I researched, studied, and increased my skill to share my knowledge and experience.

As a result, in my company Revive Your Midlife Marriage,

I help women like you cultivate meaning and intimacy with their husbands after the kids have grown.

You deserve an invested partner to create a new relationship that meets your expectations. I am ready to become that partner for you.

When I’m not coaching women, I’m spending time with my family, including a feisty cowboy corgi, two cats, and a horse that thinks he is my shadow. My husband and I enjoy hiking in the mountains and kayaking on the rivers of our hometown in East Tennessee. We also like to indulge in excellent food and travel to extraordinary places, staying in quaint bed and breakfasts.

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