How to Let Go of the Bitterness in Your Marriage| Episode 47

Do you and your husband harbor bitterness in your marriage after the many years you have shared together. Bitterness can accumulate and before long the relationship suffers mightily. In this episode, I’ll share my own experience, the effects of harboring bitterness in your marriage, the value of forgiveness, and the way to let go of the bitterness as well as prevent it in the future.

Interview with Sondra Harmon-The Power of Ouch Part 1| Episode 45

We are quick to say “ouch” to our physical pain, but not always our emotional pain. Sondra Harmon, author of The Power of Ouch will share with us the ways we avoid dealing with emotional pain, thus avoiding it and storing it as tension in our bodies. She will also share how to allow the pain to lead you to self-discovery by looking at what is behind it and letting it go.

Interview with Lee Jagger: Rocking the Bedroom-Part 2| Episode 44

This is the second part of my interview with Lee Jagger of Rock the Bedroom, an erotic massage coach and sex and intimacy expert. As a middle-aged woman she has the first-hand experience with what women go through in the bedroom and why they often no longer want to have sex. Listen in for great insight. I think you’ll relate.