Managing Discouragement as You Work on Your Marriage| Ep. 87

Working on your marriage can feel daunting. Two steps forward, 1 step back. Often we focus on the one step back instead of the one step forward. Discouragement comes anytime you have to step outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to reach a new level. There will be successes, failures, and setbacks. It’s hard! But, there are ways to manage this discouragement to keep you moving forward toward your marriage goals. I’ll be giving you six ways to do this in Episode 87.

Gray Area Drinking with Kari Schwear| Episode 81

Have you ever questioned your relationship with alcohol? Have you ever questioned your spouse’s? Usually, if there is a hum of a question in your mind, chances are there might be an issue. There are 3 levels of alcohol abuse. Gray area drinking falls into the mild to medium level. In this episode, I’ll be talking with Kari Schwear, a former gray area drinker that chose to stop drinking to prevent her alcohol abuse from escalating. She will define what gray area drinking is, share her personal story and how it affected her marriage, as well as how she chose not recovery but discovery.

Turning a Midlife Crisis into A Midlife Triumph| Episode 75

While we go through developmental crises throughout our lives, the midlife crisis is a pivotal time because it is the time we are more aware of our mortality. We begin to question our past, present, and future. And what an opportunity it provides us. We have the ability with the right knowledge and skills to turn a midlife crisis into a triumph.

How to Deal With Difficult Family Members| Episode 72

Those problematic relatives! Some of these relatives can steal your peace at every family event. It also affects the marriage. In this episode, I’ll give 2 ways to support your spouse and 2 action steps to take in dealing with difficult family members.