Giving and Receiving Comfort in Your Marriage|Episode 57

Midlife comes with many transitions. While there are many wonderful things about having a second half of life full of possibilities, some of those transitions can be painful causing fear, sadness and feelings of irrelevancy. This is a time we need to be present with our spouse’s struggles as well as share our own in order to give and receive the comfort we need. I’ll give you 5 ways to do this.

Part 1 of Interview with Author, Ben Winter| Episode 54

Expectations are unique to each person. Expectations are neither good nor bad, but it does matter how you handle them so you have peace of mind and don’t live in constant upset. Listen in to find out what to do with those expectations.

When Marriage Triggers Old Wounds From the Past| Episode 53

Old emotional wounds that haven’t been healed can cause us to be triggered by our spouse. Emotional upset is usually based on some old wound that has been touched. In this episode I’ll give some examples of how this can play out in your marriage and how to manage these wounds as they arise to foster a healthier interaction.

How to Increase Affection in Your Marriage|Episode 52

Affection shouldn’t be a thing of the past in your marriage, but if affection has waned you and your spouse are missing out on a vital part of connection. This episode will cover why it happens and how to increase the affection you are now experiencing in your marriage.

Interview with Cole Forester: Hope for Porn Addiction Pt. 2| Episode 51

This is the second part of my interview with Cole. In this episode we will cover the progression of porn addiction and the pornography industry’s affect on our culture, the importance of community for recovery, the affect porn addiction has on the other spouse, how a spouse can separate the addiction from the person and support them in recovery, and finally the hope of a better life.

Interview with Cole Forester: Hope for Porn Addiction Part 1 Episode 50

Porn Addiction affects about 5-8% of adults. People addicted to porn spend at least 11-12 hours a week viewing it. Cole Forester is an recovering porn addict and advocate against the damaging affects of pornography on the individual and the family. He shares his experience, strength and hope in the episode.